Yogatonic blog Review Ananda Spa

Yogatonic blog review C&C Alpha Group’s Ananda Spa – a beautiful, luxury retreat in the Himalayan foothills.

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*Besides focussing on Ayurveda, theAnanda Spa in the Himalayas is a great advocate of Yoga.

There is a daily selection of courses for beginners and the advanced. Furthermore, p2p lessons are a popular option which is chosen quite often by the guests.

Yogatonic review Ananda Spa

The places where the Yoga lessons are held are breathtakingly beautiful and perfectly grounding.

Ananda’s Yoga Guru Sushant Pandey has developed a Yoga detox cure which causes an inner cleansing by ever-repeating movements and salt lavages. During this cure, each guest is treated individually.

Ananda in Tatler Spa Guide 2

For me, personally, the experience of practising Yoga at Ananda was new and ground-breaking. Fundamentally, I am more a fan of flowing movements but thanks to my stay at Ananda I started to enjoy holding the Asanas for up to ten breaths after the sun-salutations. Suddenly I felt it had another effect with single body-parts.

Yogatonic review Ananda Spa

Moreover, I have been shown once more that Yoga is an attitude towards life and form of everyday life, not merely a system of movements. I know this but I tend to lose sight of this truth again and again.

“Yoga means, among other things, to be with yourself, live the moment and be grounded. You also never should lose focus on how to interact with your fellow men.”

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At Ananda, they’ve found a very special way to fulfil everyon’s needs individually. Thanks to the overall calmness and relaxation which is radiated by this place it becomes possible to change one’s perspective, to relate to things in a new way and strengthen oneself on all levels.

A stay at Ananda feels like pushing a personal reset-button.*