Travel Weekly Talks Golden Opportunities in Aviation with Max Buerger, Head of Alpha Aviation Group

As head of C&C Alpha Group’s Alpha Aviation Group (a flight academy that provides training solutions and operational support to the aviation industry), Max Buerger is certainly in the know when it comes to the opportunities and trends in aviation. This week, Max spoke to Travel Weekly – a business and travel focussed website – discussing the golden opportunities for budding aviators in Vietnam.

The news that Vietjet Air, Vietnam’s first private budget airline, predicts a doubling of passenger numbers in 2016 makes welcome reading for Vietnam’s civil aviation industry.
With the price of crude oil expected to remain low and demand increasing thanks to a growing Vietnamese middle class, Vietnamese airlines are looking to capitalise; Vietjet has already announced this year the purchase of 12 new planes in addition to the nine purchased last year. Its fleet is expected to grow to 100 planes within five years.

Yet whilst this boom is a heartening development, it is also exposing the urgent need for more pilots within the sector. With airlines acquiring larger fleets, enjoying greater profits and welcoming more passengers, it is essential that Vietnam produces more pilots to match consumer demand and maintain growth.

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