Time Out London magazine names Bunnychow Restaurant of the Week

Incredible news this week. Bunnychow, part of the C&C Alpha Group Ltd Shanti Hospitality Group has been named ‘Restaurant of the Week’ by top lifestyle magazine, Time Out London.


We asked Bunnychow owner, Atholl what the story behind this delicious street food is…

The 40s were not easy, the Great War happened and the world changed forever but many good things came out of that era: Tupperware, Velcro, Frisbees, Silly Putty and Slinky’s to name a few. The 40s was also the era of the bunny chow; now let’s make this clear, there are a few stories about the creation of bunny chow and we merit them equally depending on how we’re feeling but basically, Indian workers living in Durban, South Africa, would travel to the sugar plantations with little more than their favourite curry wrapped in a roti bread. The long walk to work in the blazing sun made the curry and roti bread turn into a single, sloppy lump of food. This led one clever chap to devise a bread container, made from a hollowed out loaf of bread. This hollowed out loaf with curry in it became known as ‘bunny chow’ and over 70 year’s later, on a rainy street in London, we’re bringing our version of a bunny chow to the UK.

In their homeland, ‘bunny chow’ or ‘bunnies’ – as they’re better known – are very, very popular. Starting out life as a vegetarian, bunnies soon saw sense and now they’re typically filled with curries from traditional Indian recipes using mutton, lamb, chicken and that culinary-delight: beans and chips. For many, the key to a bunny is when the gravy from the filling soaks into the walls of the bread, giving each bite a perfect balance of bread and sauce. For us, we fell in love when we were out visiting friends in South Africa. After a hard day of lazing in the sun, we were introduced to the pleasure of sitting on a sea wall with a bunny and a few cold beers. It was love at first bite! All we could think to ourselves was, why had we never thought about this before? Why were we favouring sandwiches with two measly slices of bread, haplessly trying to hold the filling together? And where had these bunnies been during our worst hangovers? It was at that point that we thought: let’s bring bunnies to Britain!

Now we know that you folk love a curry but we also know that you love food from other parts of the world too so we are taking a bit of a liberty and are filling our bunny loaves with a series of global flavours that we’re sure you’ll enjoy…

Visit the Bunnychow website to find out more.