Spa East report that Himalayan Ananda Spa will launch arthritis retreat in October

Ananda Spa is a crown in CCAG’s Shanti Hospitality crown, ranked amongst the best luxury spa retreats in the world. It’s with delight we can announce they will open an arthritis retreat this October – as reported by 

Ananda in Tatler Spa Guide 2

The Himalayan destination spa Ananda will launch its first ‘Living with Arthritis’ retreat from 1-5 October, using Ayurvedic techniques to target the symptoms of arthritis.

Ananda Spa’s Ayurvedic expert, Dr Shijoe Mathew, will lead the retreat. Individual sufferers’ daily routines will be reviewed by Mathew, who will then provide a programme of activities designed to “balance the nervous system and aid body healing.”

According to Ayurvedic teachings, arthritis is a result of impaired digestion and aggravated ‘Vata Dosha’ – the Ayurvedic term for gas – which causes an accumulation of toxins to form in the body.

Diet and lifestyle plans will be provided at the retreat, along with long term solutions for visitors to continue to practice at home.

Mathew has come up with three tips to relieve the symptoms of arthritis at home, which include drinking a glass of sesame seeds soaked in water first thing in the morning. Water that has been stored in a copper container is another beverage Mathew says is good for strengthening the skeletal and muscular system.

Bathing in salt water is also advised by Mathew, to relieve pain and stiffness. “The iodine content of salt water not only helps to balance the pH of the body but also positively influences the function of the thyroid,” Ananda said in a statement.

Ananda Spa’s Yogic Master, Sushant Pandey, recommends the yoga “Cat Stretch Pose” as an easy option to ease arthritis. This position involves starting on your hands and knees in a “tabletop” position, rounding your spine to the ceiling as you exhale and coming back to the neutral starting position.

Find out more about Ananda Spa on the website, here