Shanti Maurice Joins Whole World Water Campaign

Shanti Maurice – part of C&C Alpha Group’s Nira Hotels & Resorts – is proud to announce their support of the WHOLE WORLD Water campaign. The luxury five star resort in the south of Mauritius will officially launch the partnership on the 1st July.

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Shanti Maurice is the first hotel in Mauritius to join this global initiative, demonstrating its commitment to the sustainable development of tourism and support for local communities.

Launched in early 2013, WHOLE WORLD Water was developed to provide clean and safe drinking water to almost one billion people currently in need. The campaign also works to address the environmental risk of the tourism industry’s use of plastic, single-use water bottles.

Guido Farina, General Manager at Shanti Maurice commented on the importance of this new partnership: “Access to clean, safe drinking water is often taken for granted by many, and yet across the world millions of people are without it. Joining forces with WHOLE WORLD Water is an important cause for us at Shanti Maurice, and with our combined effort we can do our bit to ensure that safe drinking water will eventually be available for each and every person in the world.”

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WHOLE WORLD Water co-founders Karena Albers and Jenifer Willig add “we are thrilled to have Shanti Maurice join our growing list of members. WHOLE WORLD Water has the opportunity to significantly impact this crisis by uniting the hospitality and tourism industry in the fight for safe and clean water for all. Working together we can see this issue solved within our lifetime.”

Ambassadors for WHOLE WORLD Water include Edward Norton, Richard Branson and David de Rothschild. The WHOLE WORLD Water campaign also seeks to reduce plastic bottle wastage, reduce food miles and create a profitable business model. As members, hotels, resorts and bars filter, bottle and distribute their own water in reusable glass bottles, donating a percentage of the profits to the WHOLE WORLD Water. 100% of the donated funds go directly to clean drinking water projects worldwide.

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Take a look at the WHOLE WORLD WATER campaign on their website here.