Review: Bunnychow, part of the C&C Alpha Shanti Hospitality Group



Bunnychow, a South African food vendor, secured funding from Shanti Hospitality, part of the C&C Alpha Group Ltd, in August 2013. Since then, the food vendors have been delighting hungry Londoners with delicious, flavoursome street food. Food critics have raved about the sumptuous menu time and time again. One review, from online lifestyle magazine and blog, It’s Rude to Stare, caught our eye this week.

If you’re hungry (and in the Shoreditch area) – be sure to give Bunnychow a taste test…


Over the past year, South African inspired ‘bunnies’ have gained a huge cult following, thanks to bunnychow, a truck that has toured food markets and street-food events across London.

They now have a site at Boxpark Shoreditch and are tipped to be one of the hottest trends for 2014, having made it onto GQ’s ’100 Best Things In the World Right Now’. We bunny hopped there on Sunday to see what all the fuss was about…




The ‘bunnies’ in bunnychow consist of hollowed out little loaves with delicious fillings; the classics include meatballs in sweet and sour sauce (monkey gland – don’t let it out you off!), spicy ginger chicken, and beans with smoked mozzarella and halloumi. I thought the ginger chicken was the most flavoursome, not dissimilar to a spicy green curry in a bun – the ideal winter warmer on a rainy Sunday.

In addition to their classic bunnies, they have also introduced pulled pork & pickles (which my friend devoured), sausage & fried onion, and smoked haddock. ‘Bunny bites’ of biltong are also available, as well as fruit compotes and sponge cakes.

I really enjoyed the concept, the service was above and beyond that of your usual ‘fast food’ outlet, and the bunnies themselves were healthy, hearty and great value for money (starting at £4.50). I can see why bunnychow has done so well as a mobile unit, and I think its location at Boxpark is a great choice, particularly when the weather brightens and people can eat their bunnies alfresco.

Find Bunnychow:

BOXPARK Shoreditch,

Unit 55, 2‐4 Bethnal Green Road


E1 6GY