MPS Puri, CEO of Nira Hotels attends Luxury Hospitality Conference 2014 in Athens

MPS Puri, CEO of Nira Hotels – which is part of C&C Alpha Group’s Shanti Hospitality business – has attended the second Luxury Hospitality Conference held in Athens.

The two-day luxury conference Luxury Hospitality 2014 was held in Athens on October 13-14 at the Hotel Grande Bretagne, and was the platform for global industry leaders to interact and exchange their views in regard to the latest hospitality market challenges and opportunities.

Co-organised by the International New York Times and the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, on the occasion of the Luxury Hospitality’s second event, the global delegation of industry leaders  were given the opportunity to explore the opportunities the Mediterranean region has to offer.

Speaking at the conference, MPS Puri, CEO of Nira Hotels put an interesting perspective on the current Chinese tourism trend, commenting that, “although 200 million Chinese visitors were expected to book their trips abroad, at the moment it is too soon to tell the exact number of these guests who would actually be luxury travellers”  he also added that there were other nationalities who prevailed and there are others who will follow.

Travel Daily News gave a round up of all the key individuals who attended the event, noting their thoughts on the luxury travel industry.

Read the full article at Daily Travel News, here. 

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