Himalaya’s Natural Highs – Ananda and Ayurveda is a Journey to Another World

“It’s quite a trek from here to the Himalayas, but then, that’s what you’d expect on a journey to another world. And Ananda In The Himalayas in Northern India is certainly out of this world. It’s hard to describe how special the atmosphere of the place is. It’s the mountains, a tranquillity that gets into you in the way only shades of India can.

One week of my life here and there are many images and impressions that remain. I recall the utter peace watching the eagle that soared daily in the midday heat above my balcony. Even now I can picture the view from there of the Ganges in the town of Rishikesh below and how it lit up twinkling (no LED lighting) at dusk and you could hear the faint sound of singing at Aarti – the daily prayer ceremony at the river in the far distance.”

Clara Ferguson reviews Ananda for The Independent…


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