Hero & Leander Review Shanti Maurice’s Aquacasia

Hero & Leander, a brand new online magazine set to explore the world of culture driven couples and luxury lovers  has reviewed the latest cuisine, Aquacasia, at C&C Alpha Group’s 5 star Mauritius hotel, Shanti Maurice.

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Spice connoisseurs will revel in fiery flavours and the culinary diversity of the Indian Ocean showcased at Stars restaurant at Shanti Maurice with the launch of a new cuisine, Aquacasia. Shanti Maurice epitomises the genuine Mauritian experience both in the boutique luxury resort and in the delectable dishes on offer. Stars restaurant features an unforgettable mix of authentic and artisanal offerings; Aquacasia captures the heart and soul of each island’s love of food, entwined with a mastery of spice.

Often described as jewels scattered over clear turquoise waters, the islands of the Indian Ocean have always been regarded as some of the most beautiful places on earth. Aquacasia is a culinary tribute to this and the unique provenance of food developed by local island cultures, where aromatic dishes are prepared using only the freshest of locally sourced ingredients. Drawing on inspiration from street traders along with authentic family recipes passed down through countless generations, Aquacasia brings together genuine dishes from the isles of Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Reunion, Indonesia and Western Australia.

MPS Puri, CEO Nira Hotels & Resorts says, ‘Historically, each time we have launched a new concept at Shanti Maurice, A Nira Resort, be it the Rum Shed, Fish Shack or La Kaza Mama, we have done something different from what is happening in the market from a food & beverage perspective, establishing ourselves as market trend-setters and leaders’.

‘In accordance with this, we have created a new cuisine to celebrate the bounty of the islands, which we are calling ‘Aquacasia’ – jewels of the Indian Ocean. Although Mauritius does have its own cuisine, being Creole and Indian, through the islands heritage and background, I saw the opportunity to blend a few of the jewels of the Indian Ocean islands and put together Aquacasia; aqua meaning water, and casia meaning spice’, he added.

All great dishes start with great ingredients and this is of huge importance to the team at Shanti Maurice. Ingredients are caught, raised and harvested locally in Mauritius and the menu boasts an abundance of fresh seafood, tropical fruits, vegetables, poultry and deer. Shanti’s flourishing organic herb and vegetable garden, augmented by the tropical climate, sprouts bay leaf and galangal, ingredients not typically found on the island. These garden-fresh ingredients, combined with traditional recipes and a mix of cultural influences inspired by the Indian Ocean islands make Aquacasian dishes unique and true to their island heritage. Great ingredients are only half of the story and need a master of flavour to conjure up the mouth-watering ideas behind the cuisine. Chef Willi Reinbacher presents aromatic dishes that embrace the raw, heart-felt flavour of the islands in their most natural form. From the delicately fragrant Mauritian smoked blue Marlin to the rich complexity of the Maldivian style Lamb Mashroshi, each dish captures defining characteristics of this new cuisine; organic produce combined with explosive rich flavours. As the unique spices and cooking techniques of the Indian Ocean islands are discovered, explored and understood, Aquacasia evolves, interchanging with the shifting seasons to bring fresh, seasonal produce to the table.

Willibald Reinbacher, Executive Chef Shanti Maurice, A Nira Resort says, “Aquacasia has been evolving for over a year, which has given me the time to visit several of the islands first-hand.  Dishes on the menu are true to their island heritage and an understanding of the unique spice mix and authentic cooking techniques used in local recipes is key to the concept; I often reach out to local island friends for their insight and expertise.”

As well as delicious cuisine, Stars offers the perfect romantic setting overlooking a starlit Indian Ocean, turning a dining experience into a memorable occasion; the perfect place to lose track of time whilst sipping and savouring fine wines from around the world and an unforgettable Aquacasian menu.