Flavours of Thai Cuisine at C&C Alpha Group’s Hyatt Pune

Rediscover the flavours of Thai cuisine at C&C Alpha Group’s Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar!

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Monsoon = warm + spicy + comfort food.

Learn all that and more at the Thai Masterclass at Hyatt Pune Kalyani Nagar.

At the award winning Baan Tao, Chef Sunil will demonstrate a three-course menu using his exceptional knife skills. On the menu is a healthy salad Som Tam, soup Tom Yum Goong and main courses like Gaeng phed gai and Gaeng khiew wan mit along with the staple Jasmine rice.

Learn how to play around with Thai herbs such as Lemongrass, Galangal, Kaffir lime, Pea Aubergine etc. The names are as exotic as the dishes!

So go ahead and reserve seats for the ultimate Thai experience which would surely be a sin to miss!


When: 25th July 2015, Saturday

Where: Baan Tao, Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar

Time: 3pm till 6pm

Price: INR 1000 AI

For Reservations please contact: +91 20 41411234, + 917798889653