C&C ALPHA GROUP LTD – Corporate Governance

As well as putting a premium on the wider social utility of investments, C&C Alpha Group Ltd is committed to transparency and openness with investors and the wider public.

C&C Alpha Group Ltd reports to investors quarterly, adhering to UK GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Practice).

To ensure maximum transparency, C&C Alpha Group Ltd maintain a regularly updated website, including information about portfolio companies, contact details for businesses and regular news updates.

C&C Alpha Group Ltd has grown and developed significantly in recent years, but the company is dedicated to staying true to its core philosophy – to create stakeholder value through organic growth and strategic partnerships by both backing management teams with proven track records and pursuing opportunities that create value in the medium to long term.

C&C Alpha Group Ltd has a responsibility to ensure that the portfolio companies operate in a way that aligns the interests of all stakeholders; investors, customers and employees.

With commitment to the communities in which C&C Alpha Group Ltd businesses operate, there is an unwritten policy of enhancing environmental stewardship within the companies that are invested in.

C&C Alpha Group Ltd takes responsibility for ensuring that businesses conform to the highest legal standards.