C&C ALPHA GROUP LTD – Work with Us

The C&C Alpha Group Ltd is made up of a vibrant network of individuals, all of whom believe in:

  • Delegation of responsibility
  • Empowerment of all employees and managers
  • Spotting gaps in the market and business investment opportunities
  • Calculated risk taking
  • Supporting charitable organisations and ‘giving back’.


The on-going mission at C&C Alpha Group Ltd is to create a corporate environment whereby employees’ talents and ideas can blossom into their full potential. The company strives to make the workplace an area of innovation and creativity that makes each persons work meaningful.

Corporate policies and future initiatives are fully communicated to all and efforts are made so that everyone understands and relates to these changes. C&C Alpha Group Ltd’s commitment to its people is evident in the pride every employee takes in the company and the passion and commitment each brings to their work each day.