Business Philosophy

C&C Alpha Group Ltd helps high-quality, entrepreneurial teams to develop new ventures or positively expand existing businesses. The C&C Alpha Group Ltd investment approach is characterised by an awareness of global business and economic trends, enabling the company to leverage multinational experience and contacts.
Typically, C&C Alpha Group Ltd act as an incubator to ensure that investee companies get all the help they need to grow at the right pace from the outset. Many of the mature companies that C&C Alpha Group Ltd invests in require injections of capital or management expertise, others need help to restructure operations to improve efficiency or take on greater scale in order to compete in global markets.
C&C Alpha Group Ltd views their involvement as a partnership, deploying investment expertise and worldwide presence to achieve growth and profit, and to help companies overcome challenging times.
By nature, C&C Alpha Group Ltd knows that a passive approach is almost never the answer. The group has entrepreneurial flair and a passion for every business they invest in while looking for innovative financial solutions. Backing only the best and genuinely original products and services, is key to the continued success of C&C Alpha Group Ltd.