BESPOKE Name Bunnychow as ‘Top Pick’

Bespoke magazine has named Shanti Hospitality’s Bunnychow as their ‘top pick’ from London take out service, Deliveroo’s restaurant choices.

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If you eat out enough you’ll eventually find a casual spot that ticks the boxes on taste and price affordability. And when that moment does come around, it’ll feel as good as your first UCAS offer. Your trip for food will play out like a DJ Khaled motivational vine: you’ll pick the item that grabs you most off the menu, and then you’ll pick another one. And another one. And ano- you get the picture. It’s to be noted that there’s no substituting the DJ himself when it comes to the delivery of the now-famous catchphrase. But whenever we’re in Soho’s Bunnychow we have a damn good try.

Located on a corner of Wardour St, it’s somewhat in keeping with the notions that some of the tastiest food is born in the most basic of settings. The dining area is absent of any grandeur features; housing no more than it needs to, it’s dressed with some tables, a few chairs, and wooden board menu detailing the tasty delights on offer.

Perhaps the best thing about the joint — better even than the hollowed out bread loafs filled with a choice of spiced meats, the fall-off-the-bone pork ribs and chicken wings that come for sides, the fact that the salad dressing makes me feel a little better for gorging on bread— is the attention to detail that goes in wrapping up the experience. The bunnies are served in metal army style tins. The “Monkey Gland” (bbq) side sauce has a spice to it and is good enough to steal. The coconut based juice – just one of a selection made from scratch every morning – is one I’m certain I would be tasting if I were anywhere else. The bread is not broken by its meaty stuffing. Our bunnies, one piled with succulent meatballs and another a helping of pulled chicken seasoned with ingredients we’re still working hard to find out, have a genuine filling quality to it. They tell us if we create a Deliveroo account we can have it all delivered in future. What’s more, they even offer breakfast.