C & C Alpha Group Continue Support of Anti-Bullying Campaign for 12th Year

“Around one in four primary school children and one in three secondary school children are bullied at some point in their school life according to official estimates”

C & C Alpha Group have continued the company’s support of Friars Primary School, London with their digital anti-bullying programme.

The programme, devised by the Children’s Safety Education Foundation (CSEF) will continue to sustain the positive impact on behaviour and understanding, helping young people to gain life skills, such as improving self-esteem, self-respect, consideration for others and valuing diversity. By using the latest in digital technology, the CSEF programmes makes anti-bullying education available to every child, removing any geographic barriers that previously existed when delivering events and initiatives like this to schools.

CSEF Online allows young people to encounter real-life scenarios at the push of a button on a platform that they interact with on a daily basis. It is easily accessible, engaging and helps promote effective learning within the classroom. The product also helps the charity and schools to take direct action against their carbon footprint by reducing the amount of paper they use.