Alpha Aviation’s Max Buerger tells Telegraph there will be ‘Major Changes’ in Aviation Industry

In a recent article on career predictions for the year 2026, Telegraph journalist Norman Miller investigated what some of the industry leaders believed would be booming in terms of jobs in 2026. From robotic production to technology controlled transport and frictionless bank-free shopping, there was no doubt amongst leading experts that things are set to change.

There will be major changes in the industry’s makeup too, according to Max Buerger, institutional partnerships manager of C&C Alpha Group’s Alpha Aviation Group.

“Boeing has recently called for 558,000 more pilots to be trained by 2034 to meet demand. Currently only 3% of commercial pilots are women. By 2026, commercial aviation should be a much more gender-balanced industry.” He says, “The pilot profession will also become increasingly tech-based as commercial airlines adopt more and more computer systems to control aircraft.”

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