Alpha Aviation Graduate Talks the Spirit of Amelia Earhart to HuffPost

It’s glaringly obvious that Alpha Aviation graduate and First Officer with Air Arabia, Ghada al Rousi is proud to be a woman in aviation. Her recent blog on HuffPost talked of the legacy of Amelia Earhart, whose life was touched by genius, inspiration, adventure and tragedy. The first female aviator to complete a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean, she remains a figure of awe for women and adventurers the world over. But Amelia was so much more than an aviator: she was an active promoter of women’s rights, a best-selling author and will forever be the archetypal trailblazer for female pilots.

But, asks Ghada, what now remains of that legacy? Her disappearance is, sadly, the most appropriate place to start, as despite eighty years having passed women are largely absent from cockpits: accounting for a mere 3% of pilots worldwide.

Have a read of the full post over on HuffPost, here. Or read it below…

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