C&C Alpha Group is a UK based company with worldwide investments in Healthcare, Hospitality, Aviation, Real Estate and Utilities.
C&C Alpha Group (CCAG) is an international private equity firm with its headquarters in London as well as offices in India. CCAG was established to serve as a holding company for a group of private investors who have been in the business of venture capital funding for over 30 years. Our experienced team includes entrepreneurs, strategy consultants, project managers, project developers and financial analysts.
With a proven track record of successfully incubating businesses in the field of Healthcare, Hospitality, Real Estate, Aviation, Utilities and Agriculture across the globe. CCAG aims to create stakeholder value via organic growth and strategic partnerships, backing management teams with a proven track record, and pursuing opportunities that create long term value.
Ananda Spa Features in Goop '10 Day Itinerary to Northern India'
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